Will I succeed?
Will I succeed?

“I didn’t know who the coaches were nor what they did. I’m a lawyer and have twin girls. I was on maternity leave when I found out about the program.”

How did it happen that Saglara not only joined The Exponent but became our Academy’s coach even before graduation?

Here is what she said in an interview with Mikhail Saidov.

Saglara: I’m a lawyer, not a coach. To be honest, I didn’t know anything about coaching. I knew coaches existed, but I wasn’t sure what they do. And I was not particularly interested in finding out.

Coaching was not close to me in terms of profession and lifestyle. So, why did I decide to enter The Exponent? Before The Exponent, I attended another program, the “Protocol.”

Mikhail: This was our business program.

Saglara: Yes. At that time, my children were 6 months old. I was on maternity leave and had such a firm intention to start promoting my expertise in jurisprudence online. I enrolled in the “Protocol” without knowing that coaches would work with us. Group coaches started working with us, and that’s how I met Lena Dolinskaya.

Mikhail: So you got into Lena’s group?

Saglara: Yes. And it was a mind-blowing experience. I remember thinking: “Wow! What does she say? How does she do it!” I had a crazy request at the time, but I remember it was a problem for me back then. Lena untangled me in literally 5 minutes, and I left with absolute clarity about what to do next. That was it. Then I started following Lena on Instagram.

After a while, I saw that there was a new stream of the Exponent. I thought maybe I should try it. When I joined The Exponent, I wanted “the same” experience. Only, I did not understand what “the same” meant. Eventually, I realized I wanted to experience the peace I felt back then.

I want to emphasize that the training provided me with tools I can use within the framework of my expertise. I quickly began to find clients and offer my services within the jurisprudence framework. My business developed rapidly.

“Will I succeed?” It’s normal to ask yourself this question occasionally. But when you get more clarity, even the smallest doubts go away.


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