When it's scary to start a practice
When it's scary to start a practice
“From the very start of The Exponent, I began to build my own business. I wanted to gain experience as soon as possible.” This is the story of Maria Simonova, a graduate of the third stream of The Exponent.

Was it easy?

“I felt just like a hamster running in circles. I really wanted to become a coach and this required experience. I didn’t know how to enter the coaching profession because I had zero experience. How could I help anyone?

It was scary and embarrassing. I felt shame and a whole bunch of other emotions. But apparently, the desire was genuine. Thanks to the desire and the Exponent, it became clear what to do and how. I managed it, despite a whole bunch of thoughts.

I entered the program with a closed personal Instagram account. It was an unnatural environment, and all actions were unusual for me. I wrote posts and changed many things, but I was terribly scary overall. In terms of social networks, I am absolutely asocial. I have never been present and have never followed any bloggers. At best, I read some expert articles, but usually not on Instagram.

Due to feeling unnatural, it was quite a difficult path for me. I had to get used to the new environment. And yes, I am still learning. I am always trying. Some things work, some don’t.

What helped Maria to start the practice so quickly despite the storm of emotions and thoughts?

“I could not name one thing. Acquiring information helped, but I believe the practical experience with clients had a much greater impact. In addition to practice, the support of the group and mentor coaches was of immense importance. So was the work with a personal coach.

By the way, does Maria manage to make money on coaching?

“I started making money while I was still in training. Back then, I sold a 12-sessions package for $300. I now have 5-6 clients and charge $900 per package.”


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