Balancing motherhood and work
Balancing motherhood and work
Metacognitive programming coach Elena Knyazeva says: “I enrolled in The Exponent while I was still attending another coaching program. I didn’t have money for a new school. I was on maternity leave. But I knew I would pay the first installment and then earn money for the rest.”

Elena is a clinical psychologist with almost 10 years of practical experience in the acute psychiatric department. How did she get to study at Exponent?

“You probably need to know that I don’t have a large distance between emotions and reactions. That is, I watched Misha’s workshop, and I didn’t even listen to it. I didn’t really like it, but I grabbed some ideas and went to the interview.

As I said, I didn’t have money for my studies. And I had a small child. I had not yet paid for my previous studies. But I felt that I could use The Exponent to earn money, and that’s it. I decided to enter the program.”

How did Elena start earning?

“I quit from everywhere, from 2 jobs. I left the hospital, and then I left the university. Where did my money come from? During the workshop, Misha told me about Byron Katie’s book, and I realized I was already a half-metacognitive programming coach. So, I started working as a coach in the first months of training.”

What was the most valuable thing Elena got during her studies at The Exponent?

“I like to joke and say: The Exponent taught me to sleep and do nothing. Before the program, I was running around like a fool. I was trying to be good in all my roles, often feeling that I should choose between self-realization and family life.”

But then I realized I don’t need to make any choices here: I am a good mother and a great specialist. I will succeed as soon as I slow down. I did just that.

Before that, I worked 24/7 for 8 years. No days off. I now have 3 days off, although I work many hours at The Exponent. But at the same time, I rest and sleep a lot, and I have my own clients.”

Thanks to applying metacognitive programming in her own life, Elena could combine motherhood and the quick start of a new profession.

One didn’t interfere with the other.

On the contrary, the ability to keep a clear focus and maintain internal support and stability made it easier to achieve what previously seemed impossible.


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