I want results!
I want results!
“I had already started my coaching practice. I had certificates from different schools.”

One might ask why Anna should enter The Exponent.

“Although I had my certificates and successful business background as the head of a large organization, I had self-doubt. I thought that something was not working out for me. It wasn’t enough for me. With this, I came to the metacognitive programming coach as a client.

What happened? I was amazed by my results. I figured out much, changes quickly began to occur in my head, and all this was reflected in my actions.

I wanted to become able to do the same for others. I searched for information about Misha. I saw the description of the Exponent and the magic words saying that it is the most difficult certification program you’ll ever come across. Other magic words referred to what an expensive coach should be able to do. I was already hooked, and I decided to enter the program.

Having got acquainted with Mikhail Saidov’s method, Anna decided to join The Exponent:

“There were many actions I had not taken before. It is not easy to part with some of your beliefs, attitudes, and stories that you tell to yourself.

But the BEFORE and AFTER effects are amazing. Honestly, I can’t figure out how you can fit so much into a program that lasts less than a year.”

Why else did Anna choose The Exponent?

“I have been a client of various coaching schools. And when I was with the ICF coach (I am by no means talking about all coaches of any modality), I felt a little better in the very moment, sorting out some of my requests and reducing the stress. But nothing changed in my life. I did not experience any cardinal changes.

Why did I still go to The Exponent? I quickly realized where will the classical coach lead me. I understood the tools and the direction we were headed to. For me, it was not interesting enough. I needed results.

I am a results-focused person. I need results. I need efficiency and speed.”

Ana now signs contracts with her clients for at least 6 months, and one month of working with her costs $1,000.

We believe those who choose The Exponent at this special time are truly special themselves.


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