I was constantly afraid that I still wasn't enough.
I was constantly afraid that I still wasn't enough.

“I was a very lazy coach in terms of sales in the first half of The Exponent,” Angelica Zavyalova honestly says about her path in the program.

What was the main reason?

Here is how Angelica tells her story:

“I was not a coach before, meaning I started from scratch. I attended coaching sessions as a client and felt this clarity. I experienced the wow effect when you light up and run to do your stuff straight after the session.”

But I knew there was still something left. Although I already liked the effects of coaching, I realized that some fundamental work was still needed.

When I went to The Exponent, I felt everything was in order, everything was fine, and nothing bothered me.

At one point, my coach asked: “Angelica, how are you doing?” At that moment, the horrors I wasn’t able to experience on my own came out.

There were all relationships in my family and money issues.
There was so much fear. I was constantly afraid that I wasn’t enough.

It was a success for me that I stopped hiding behind the “I still have to learn.” Before, I was constantly buying new courses as I believed more knowledge would help me become more confident. It didn’t. I already knew but was afraid to act.

But there was another problem. How did Angelica handle it?

“No one ever supported me, no matter what I did, but I got used to it. I had my own beauty business, and even when I was about to start it, everyone was against it (parents, grandparents).
Nobody supports you. Support starts when you get the first results, but before that, you need to believe in yourself and take action.”

What results did Angelica achieve through training, and how quickly did she do it?

“I was a very lazy sales coach in the first half of The Exponent. It turned out it was because I needed to sort out a hell of a lot in my head. I started working with clients from the 3rd month at The Exponent, and my income immediately doubled. I started with $500 for a three-month work. Now, three months with a single client cost $1,600, plus I also work as a coach in an online school.”

What conclusion does Angelica draw from her experience?

“When you spend time working on your mind, you begin to understand that all the limitations are only in it. At that very moment, you feel power over your life. It’s like you can do anything.

In addition to coaching skills, The Exponent provides a complete transformation of the personality. With this program, such a transformation is inevitable.

The Exponent helps its program participants:

✔️ get out of the state of dissatisfaction and burnout and achieve inner peace and clarity instead

✔️ gain wealth in every sense: break through the glass ceiling, make relationships stronger, become happier

✔️ build strong self-confidence and live according to their best possible scenario


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