Metacognitive Programming
Metacognitive Programming (MCP) is an evidence-based life coaching methodology created by Misha Saidov (more about him here) to help elevate the quality of the human experience across the globe.
It’s based on the notion that behavioral change is always a result of a cognitive change, and cognitive change requires a change in original programming first. For example, if a client gets attracted to abusive partner, it is not enough to know that they should not seek relationships like that.
You might know it, but your body will still get attracted to the wrong person. So you will have to change the whole program that comes before thinking.

MCP is a tool that helps you identify original programming and rewire yourself.
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WHAT is it?
Metacognitive Programming is a universal system that is built on common factor theory*. It combines powerful tools from psychology, biology, neuroscience, psychotherapy, and philosophy, focusing on helping people accept what they cannot change and change what they should not accept.
This tension causes us to act or behave in an undesirable way, so by detangling and exploring the dissonance, we can identify ways in which our personal lens has affected our interpretation of reality and our expectation of reality. We can then clean the lens and rewire our thinking, freeing us up to react calmly and act in more productive ways.
MCP works by first reflecting on our thought patterns, which helps us identify internal tension where we hold two seemingly opposing thoughts at the same time (cognitive dissonance).
HOW does it work?
WHY do we do this?
The goal is to repeat this process until each person reaches long-term wellbeing, including inner mental peace, emotional calm, and persistent ambition, otherwise collectively known as an "Unstoppable Tranquil Mind."

With a UTM, you can keep cool and know what to do even under the most difficult circumstances, and MCP is an optimization tool for achieving this.
WHO is it for?
This powerful system can help clients who are not in the middle of crisis, are not psychotic and do not have untreated mental health issues.
The individualized MCP approach considers your personal thought patterns to know the best way to begin.
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