Elevate the quality of your human experience

by achieving peak performance in life

Would you like to be on top of your game
at all times by keeping your cool and knowing what to do even under the most difficult circumstances?
Whether you want to feel better, start living a more vivid, joyful life, solve some internal conflict
Or become more effective in your work or relationships
We can help you
Metacognitive Programming
The most interactive way
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We help our clients
achieve their peak performance in health, relationships, material success, and emotional well-being by going deeper than self-help books or gurus, helping you get to the root of your challenges and build a solid foundational core so that these other aspects begin to fall into place.
Hundreds of clients
who came to us for Metacognitive programming have achieved what most people strive for:
Get access to one of our Productivity tools
to improve, on your own time:
The C-FLOW Protocol
Curiosity about life in all its aspects, I think, is still the secret of great creative people.
The Efficiency Journal
is a powerful book with insights and short exercises to help you maximize your potential, especially if you don’t see yourself as a structured person!
Coaching Dialogs,
getting a sneak peek behind the scenes of coaching sessions for some common challenges or questions and how they were resolved.
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Our Mission
is to help you constantly improve your human experience while achieving specific personal or professional goals.

We want to help you unlock your full potential and be the BEST YOU possible by transforming your life in all categories and directions simultaneously.
We call this life performance management.
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Our founder,
Misha Saidov
has spent years gathering the best aspects of a wide variety of coaching paradigms and has combined them into Metacognitive Programming.
Metacognitive Programming combines powerful tools from a wide range of sectors:
from psychology to physics,
from business to philosophy.
The MCP approach
is not just esoteric theory — it is evidence-based and data-driven to help you get the best results possible.
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